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Nutrition: Snack Smart, Cook Inspired, Live Informed.

Explore Peakfood’s trio of offerings: Nourishing Oh Lily! water lily snacks, culinary recipe collections (and Oh Spicy!), and enlightening nutrition guides.

From savoury to chocolate flavour

Our Oh Lily! Snacks

Tasty Nutrition, Peak your health: Snacks, Recipes & Smart Guides

Are you tired of bland meals and snacks that feel like you need to catch up?

Food should be exciting, not a chore! Peakfood breaks the rules with Oh Lily!, plant-based snacks so good you’ll forget they’re healthy.

Unleash your inner chef with our tasty recipe collections and spice collections Oh Spicy! Fuel your health with nutrition guides. Peakfood is your one-stop shop for feeling good and indulging in flavour, guilt-free!

Nutrition is vital for a happy and healthy life!

Discover Peakfood’s selection of plant based Water Lily Snacks, Recipe Collections and Nutrition Guides to nourish your body and support your overall well-being.

Oh Lily! Snacks

Bite-sized bursts of flavour packed with plant-based power.
Indulge without compromise, ditching gluten, animal products, and artificial nasties for the good stuff: pure, delicious snacking that nourishes your body and delights your taste buds.

Recipe Collections

Explore our recipe library for health and flavour. A diverse collection offer simple, healthy eating, featuring easy-to-follow recipes for nutritious meals.

Explore quick and convenient weeknight wonders - just deliciousness on your plate every time. Try out Oh Spicy!

Nutrition Guides

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to fuelling your well-being.

Empower yourself with expert-crafted guides for balanced nutrition in everyday life. Make informed choices, understand your needs, and build a healthy relationship with food.

Ready to peak your nutrion journey?

Peak Your Flavour, Peak Your Health:

Oh Lily! Snacks, Recipes & Smart Guides

Oh Lily! Snacks

£12.50 £16.80

  • Savoury (96 cal) and Chocolate discovery box – 6 x Oh Lily!
  • Plant-Powered Goodness on the Go
  • Guilt-Free Deliciousness 
  • Plant-Based Energy

Snack Smart,
Cook Clever

£26.00 £35.00
Free delivery

  • 6 Oh Lily! Bites
  • Plus1 Vibrant Recipe Collection*
  • Plus 3 Oh Spicy!
  • Healthy eating made simple
  • Delicious and nutritious meals

Peak Your Health, Peak Your Happiness

£45.00 £63.20
Free delivery

  • 6 Oh Lily! Snacks, 2 Recipe Collections* & 2 Smart Guides* & 6 Oh Spicy!
  • Delicious, nutritious meals
  • Empowering food choices 
  • Balanced nutrition for everyday life

*DIGITAL Product

Peak Your Thriving:
Start Today!

Peak your energy, peak your health. Fuel your body & mind with delicious Oh Lily! snacks & empowering resources. Bite-sized nutrition, vibrant recipes, and expert guidance for your nutrition and wellness adventure. Start thriving today!

Remember: While we’re your enthusiastic cheerleader on this journey, it’s wise to consult a healthcare professional before making significant lifestyle changes.

Best of luck!


Customer Feedback

".. keep it up. I like to eat these water lily snacks in between and prefer the sweet variety. But the savoury ones are also delicious. That fits very well into my diet..."
Ines Key
"I am totally in love with the Oh Lilys ❤️ super delicious snack. Lots of taste for a few calories and, above all, free from unnecessary chemicals, flavour enhancers, etc. Simply delicious!"
Sonya Meagham
"I ordered both savoruy and chocolate snacks: they both taste great . A treat for health concious!"
Margaret Bednawska
"Just received my order sat and ate the dark choc and raspberry OMG delicious 😁😁😁 looking forward to trying the others I cannot recommend enough xxx"
Joy Ruttle

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