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Exciting Golden Spice: Turmeric Potential Rise to Fame

Turmeric potential

The Turmeric Potential is having its moment in the spotlight. Whether in capsule form, as an aromatic tea, or as a vibrant addition to various recipes in the kitchen. There’s no escaping the charm of this spice with its luminous yellow hue (fun fact: it’s also what gives curry powder its distinctive colour). And rightfully […]

Great Oh Lily! got a 5 star food hygiene rating

Food Hygiene

The importance of food hygiene ratings Food hygiene ratings are grades awarded to food processing businesses when evaluated for compliance with food safety laws. The organisation receives a rating based on the inspection. You can see on the Food Standards Agency website that businesses give you an extensive overview of the evaluated categories. Area inspected […]

Understanding Gluten Free Diet: Sorting Through the Facts and Fiction

gluten free diet

Gluten free diet, but what is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye grains. For many people, gluten is a harmless protein easily digested by the body. However, for those with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergy, consuming gluten can lead to various symptoms, from digestive issues to skin […]

Inspiring Habit Transformation Program

Habit transformation

How can a Habit Transformation Program Improve Your Health? Habit Transformation Programs will take you through each step of developing meaningful habits that bring about fundamental changes in your lifestyle and help improve your overall well-being. From understanding triggers, building self-control, setting goals, getting organised and more – these transformation programs fit your individual needs […]

2 Oh Lily founder Detailed Background interview – insightful

conscious nutrition

Oh Lily founder Dewi and Govinda The two siblings, Dewi and Govinda, realized some time ago that you could refine the puffed water lily seeds with different ingredients, and this is how this new snack or topping was created. Dewi and Govinda (Gov) are from Paris and live in London. In London, the Oh Lily […]

Guilt free snacking – history and benefits of 8 Water Lily snacks

guilt free snacking woman

Guilt free snacking – history and benefits of a new superfood Do you love snacking but hate the guilt that comes with it? Are you looking for a healthier option? If so, water lily snacks may be just what you want! These delicious and nutritious treats have a long history, dating back hundreds of years. […]

5 plus, truly waterlily snacks benefit

waterlily snacks benefit

Why water lily snacks are the new superfood. What are waterlily snacks benefit (s)? You might be thinking that water lilies are for ponds, not for snacking! But these delicate seeds from India are edible, and the seeds have been used in traditional medicine and holistic well-being practices for centuries. The base of Oh Lily! […]

Snack flavours from different places around the world

Snack flavours

Snack flavours around the world: It’s the perfect way to enjoy the taste of the French Riviera without leaving home.   Our chef Govinda looks for Snack flavours around the world     When our chef Govinda was brainstorming new snacks for Oh Lily! with new flavours, she got the inspiration to dust puffed water […]

A vegan Snack – Enjoy the Crunch

vegan Snack

What are Waterlily snacks, and what makes them different from other vegan snacks? If you’re looking for a vegan snack that is both delicious and nutritious, Waterlily snacks are a perfect choice! Made with whole foods and inspired by global flavours, our Waterlily snacks are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant based. Whether you’re on the […]