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Healthy finger food

Healthy finger food platter

Recipe from: @carinaiscooking (customer)
Chef Level: (1- 10)

Healthy finger food with Oh Lily! French Riviera

How about a delicious and healthy finger food platter for a change? The puffed water lily seeds are also ideal as an ingredient here.

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Total time: 40 in minutes
Preparation: 30 in minutes


Number of servings: 2

for 2 portion (s)
For the skewers:
150g Brussels sprouts
2 carrots
1 large apple
2 tbsp agave syrup
70g feta
1 handful of Oh Lily! French Riviera
if necessary, some lemon juice

For the chrisps:
2-3 leaves of kale leaves
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt


Wash the carrots and Brussels sprouts, cut the carrots into pieces, then boil both in salted water.
Cut the apple into pieces and fry with agave syrup and cinnamon.
Also, cut the feta into pieces and then stick 1 Brussels sprouts, 1 carrot, 1 LilyPop, 1 baked apple and 1 bit of feta on a skewer. Then sprinkle some lemon juice over it.
Wash the kale leaves and tear them a little smaller. Mix with oil and salt and spread on a baking sheet. Bake for about 5-10 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius until crispy.