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How to use Water Lily Snacks in the kitchen.

Creative Culinary Delights with Water Lily Snacks

Water Lily snacks are not just delightful nibbles; they bring an innovative twist to traditional cooking, offering a new layer of texture and flavour to your dishes. Here’s how you can incorporate these versatile snacks into various recipes, transforming everyday meals into extraordinary experiences.


Elevating the Classic French Ratatouille

The traditional French ratatouille is a celebration of vegetables simmered to perfection. Introduce a surprising crunch to this beloved dish by topping it with crushed Water Lily snacks just before serving. This addition contrasts the soft vegetables and enhances the dish’s unique flavour, making each bite genuinely memorable. You can find the full recipe here.

Porridge with a Twist: Oh Lily! Keralan Snow

Transform your morning porridge into an exotic treat with Oh Lily! Keralan Snow. The unique taste of coconut in Keralan Snow, combined with the creaminess of porridge, creates a warming, comforting breakfast that’s both nutritious and luxurious. Sprinkle some on top for added crunch. Check out the full recipe here.

Water Lily Snacks in the kitchen
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Winter Granola with Oh Lily! Aztec Treasure

Reinvent your granola game with Oh Lily! Aztec Treasure. This recipe calls for adding these crunchy, flavourful snacks to your granola mix after baking, infusing the batch with a rich, chocolaty flavour that’s both satisfying and indulgent. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a snack on the go. Dive into the recipe here.

Healthy Finger Food Platter

Elevate your party platter with healthy options and include Water Lily snacks. Their unique textures and flavours make them a fantastic complement to dips and cheeses. Arrange them creatively to add both visual appeal and taste to your platter. Explore creative ideas for your next gathering here.

Healthy finger food
Dark chocolate OhLily

Dark Chocolate OhLily for Breakfast

Yes, it’s possible to start your day with chocolate when it’s as healthy as Dark Chocolate OhLily! Sprinkle these delectable snacks over your morning yoghurt or blend them into your smoothie for a decadent yet healthy start to your day. This recipe promises to make your breakfast irresistibly delicious. Find out how to make it here.

Lentil Curry with a Crunchy Twist

Sprinkling some savoury Water Lily snacks on your classic lentil curry gives it a crunchy upgrade. This adds texture and a delightful pop of flavour, elevating the dish to new heights. It’s a simple touch that enhances the dish’s flavour profile and presentation. Learn more about crafting this dish here.

Lentil Curry recipe Peakfood
Dark chocolate OhLily

Golden Milk with an Extra Spark

Golden milk, a comforting and healing beverage known for its anti-inflammatory properties, can be even more special with a sprinkle of Indian Gold Water Lily snacks. Their crunch perfectly balances the creamy, spiced milk, making your relaxing cup more enjoyable. Get the full golden milk recipe here.


Water Lily snacks are a fantastic way to add excitement and flavour to your cooking. Whether incorporated into breakfast, snacks, or main courses, these versatile ingredients offer a unique spin on traditional recipes, ensuring your meals are delicious, visually appealing, and texturally diverse. Try incorporating them into your kitchen repertoire today and watch your dishes transform!

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