Peakfood weekly special

weekly special

Our weekly special from Oh Lily! Water Lily Snacks, Nutrition Guides to Recipes.

Puffed water lily seeds are an all-around talent: an authentic soul and superfood!

Our Oh Lily! Crunchy Water Lily Seeds are light, airy and crispy. They represent a fancy and healthy alternative to conventional snacks.

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Health and Wellbeing eBook Bundle
£45.00 £35.00 - Save £10.00 (22%)
Introducing the Health and Wellness eBook Bundle. With this comprehensive...
Fun snack box – fun with friends Oh Lily! snacks (18x)
£50.40 £34.50 - Save £15.90 (32%)
For the next party or a successful evening with your...
A unique culinary attraction of 6 Oh Lily! plus 1 extra
£19.60 £13.50 - Save £6.10 (31%)
For the next flourishing evening with your loved ones or...