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Oh Spicy! French Riviera – Delicious herb de provence

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This trendy spice blend consists of various herb de Provence that grows wild in southern France and is perfect for vegetables, fish, soups, salads and marinades.

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Oh Spicy! French Riviera – herb de Provence

Our new spice blends Oh Spicy! will help you in the kitchen. Herb de Provence has a strong, spicy taste and rounds off your dishes.

The French Riviera spice mix gives your dishes a hearty herbal note and goes well with vegetables, fish, soups, salads and marinades. Please review our recipes and find out how we combined our spice blends!

The spice mixture is trendy and contains wild herbs in southern France. Bring a piece of Provence home into your kitchen with our spice mix.

Herbs de Provence can have different compositions, and we have chosen a mixture of thyme, marjoram, oregano and basil. The spice mixture rounds off the taste of many dishes and gives a wonderfully delicious and fresh aroma.

We use for the Oh Spicy! French Riviera spice mix only natural ingredients: paprika, herbs de Provence (thyme, marjoram, oregano, basil)