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Oh Spicy Indian Gold – unique turmeric blend

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Indian Gold gives your food an exotic aroma and is the colour for dishes of all kinds. You can take a culinary journey to India with the spice mixture of turmeric and black pepper!

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Oh Spicy Indian Gold – a turmeric blend

Our new spice blends Oh Spicy! will help you in the kitchen. Turmeric smells slightly of ginger, tastes spicy and has an invigorating effect.

Our Indian Gold spice mix gives your food an extraordinary taste. It goes well with curry, pasta and rice dishes, soups, sauces, beef, poultry, fish, mayonnaise, chutneys and dips. Look at our recipes and find out how we combined our spice blends!

“The King of Spices” belongs to the ginger family. Spice is mainly used in Indian cuisine. It is a popular remedy that has multiple effects.

In Ayurvedic medicine, for example, it is used to lower blood sugar or cholesterol levels. It is also used for stomach and kidney problems, gallstones, and gallbladder infections.

We use for the Oh Spicy! Indian Gold spice mix only natural ingredients: turmeric, black pepper